Our meal prep service is available to anyone looking to eat in a more health conscious manner. Our CPU produces freshly cooked, nutritious food every single day. Prices depend on the protein content of each meal. Customers ordering meals for collection must order a minimum of 5 meals. Orders for collection are available to collect 7 days a week, please see website homepage for store opening times.

Customers ordering for delivery must order a minimum of 10 meals. Kcaloreats dispatches meals Monday-Thursday, the delivery service guarantees delivery by 4pm the day after dispatch. Therefore, customers can receive delivery Tuesday-Friday.

Any uncollected meal prep will be disposed of by Kcaloreats.

All meals must be consumed within 3 days from the day of collection, or 2 days from the arrival of a delivery.

It is your responsibility to ensure food is stored, handled and reheated correctly according to food safety regulations. Kcaloreats will not hold responsibility for the foods after it has been collected or delivered.

Kcaloreats requires customers to disclose any dietary requirements and/or allergies via email or by contacting Kcaloreats on the below phone number before ordering meals.
Meal prep enquiries can be made via email at:
info@kcaloreats.co.uk or alternatively by calling 07943 409405.


Due to the perishable nature of our meals, refunds will be unavailable unless approved by a Kcaloreats manager.


We understand that in unforeseen circumstances you may need to alter your collection date. This will be possible, however, KcaloreatsL requires 48 hours notice to guarantee this. If cancellations are requested with less than 48 hours notice, we cannot guarantee the option to reschedule your order.